sol margin fishing
& Conservation Foundation, llc

Planting a seed of knowledge that will blossom to a love for a sport and an environment that will benefit generations to come


We are a non-profit that aims to
educate the community and
fellow anglers about habitat
and wildlife conservation, as
well as safe angling techniques.

We aim not only to educate others about the sport of fishing, but also wants the community to be educated on how they can be good stewards of their environment.



— We Care

SMFCF hosts events through collaborating with
other like-minded organizations that support the
education and conservation of Florida’s unique


— We Educate

SMFCF educates youth and the community about safe angling practices that will bring a positive environmental influence for generations to come.


— We Support

SMFCF is dedicated to working with other
organizations in an effort to preserve our
estuaries and other habitats. Through various partnerships, we teach others how to be responsible stewards of their natural resources.  We hope to raise awareness of the importance of habitat protection and taking ownership of the health of our environment.


— We Empower

SMFCF feels that it is important to let those in the community know that there are other avenues of entertainment that can be more beneficial to your physical and mental health. We live in a beautiful area with a unique ecosystem. We want to showcase that and encourage families to strengthen their relationships, fortify their mental health by learning a sport that is relaxing, builds confidence and teaches patience.


— We Give

Even though we are a non-profit organization, our foundation is committed to helping others.  One way we do this is by helping those in the community give back.  The Jarek Sonognini Scholarship is one way that we have done that. We honor a close friend and angler who has passed and give time and money towards his memorial scholarship program.


— We Engage

We engage the community through various programs by equipping them with the tools and training necessary to be successful in fishing.  Additionally, we engage local Captains and anglers by encouraging them to log and tag the fish that they catch-and-release for research purposes.


Traveling Angie — Facebook Blogger

Success!! 🎣 Last week we took a fishing class in St. Augustine from SMFCF Founders, who taught us all about conservation, how to tie knots, different kinds of fishing gear, and casting. Then we went fishing! Sam was such a kind and patient teacher – and made sure we all caught at least one fish 🐟 It was so much fun – especially for my kids. We can’t wait to go out again! I highly recommend them!

Mother of Recipient 
Michael Jarek Sonognini Scholarship 

Thank You….from the very bottom of my heart! He will make you proud as the first scholarship recipient in Jarek’s name. This blessing has put wind in his sail and he is so excited to enroll for Fall 2018 at FCTC! THANK YOU!



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